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  • Group Status: Currently full
  • Venue: Currently meeting on WhatsApp and Zoom
  • Day and Time: 3rd Thursday morning of each month
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cook with chef 1

Having completed a very successful 13 week course in soup making, David Murray who is a chef of 40 + years and Margaret Adamson a good cook, ideas person and organiser have decided to start another new group called Cook with Chef.

From when we are born, we learn the art of eating from morning to evening and even in between times.  Some of us eat healthier than others.

lunchThis group will be open to those who have committed to continue with the Simple Soups “improvers” course as it is a progression on from Simple Soups and will be challenging those members even further on their cooking skills.  We will meet once a month from September 2021 to April 2022 on a Thursday and we each will be making a different dish each month.  We will all do so in our own homes and David and I will be on WhatsApp to answer any queries.  Then when all members are finished cooking, we will have a Zoom meeting to discuss these and future dishes with tips being given.

evening mealThe 8 months will run as follows. We will start with cooked breakfast, then morning scones, everyday lunches, Christmas light lunches, afternoon eats, some weekday dinner and also some special dinners ending with desserts. Hopefully as we go through this cooking journey together and enjoy every single mouthful, members will learn many new skills, use many less common ingredients and are able to ask all those questions as they have always wanted to ask.

We are hoping if the government allows us that after some of the cooking sessions we may be able to meet up in one of our homes bringing our “cooked goodies” with us to share.

The recipes are available on the following pages: