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  • Group Status: Spaces may be available
  • Venue: Currently on Zoom
  • Day and Time: Ad hoc, 4 times a year
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wine peter gayOur group meets 4 times a year on Tuesday evenings; our aim is to learn about what types of wines work best with different foods.

We taste 8 wines each evening and members pre-prepare plates of food. We taste each wine without food, then with the designated food to see if the two work together.

The convenor notifies the long list of members of each upcoming meeting and the first 16 that register receive invitations to come on a first come first served basis.

The cost for each evening is £10 per person to include wine and food. Glasses, spittoons and water are provided.

Sometimes we taste wines from one country; other times the theme is a grape variety and also we can take a type of food as the theme.

Wines cost on average £10-£12 and are normally typical of wines that are available, although we do target unusual and up and coming wines that members might not know.

Recent examples include wines from Galicia, Uruguay and Margaret River.

To get onto the long list contact the convenor.