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  • Group Status: Currently full
  • Venue: ad hoc
  • Day and Time: ad hoc, approx fortnightly
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ebikers at lightshipThe E-Bikers group took to the road in mid-June 2022 with a short ride to the cafe in Crawfordsburn Country Park.  This set the tone for our subsequent outings, with a strong emphasis on good quality coffee shops and cafes!

We have a mix of e-bike types, from electric folding bikes to 'hard core' mountain bikes.  Recognising the increasing level of risk from riding on the road, we predominantly use recognised cycle paths and occasionally venture on to quieter country roads.  Extensive use has been made of the (free) train service.

ebikers lisburn to titanic tripThe mileages covered have varied but we have had a couple of 20 or so mile trips, ensuring adequate refreshment stops and relief from the bike saddles along the way!

It must be said that the assistance provided by e-bike motors has been transformative, increasing both range and confidence in the trips undertaken.

Largely driven by safety concerns on the road, group membership is currently closed at eight.  However, if there is sufficient interest, a second group could be established.