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  • Group Status: Currently full
  • Venue: Marquis Hall, Abbey Sreeet, Bangor
  • Day and Time: Dates as arranged, 7.30pm - 9.15pm
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This group meets up to twice a year to taste fine wines, which are defined as prime examples of their type, coming from vineyards with an international reputation.

The aim is to become familiar with classic wine styles and also to taste wines that one would not normally buy.

The cost per night is £20 (variable) and the average cost of the wines is around £25 - £30.

Five wines are tasted in a group capped at 18 members.

In common with the Wine & Food Matching group, tasting notes are sent out to the members with guaranteed places with food matching suggestions for each wine.

Members are free to bring their own food according to their own preferences and the recommendations.

There is an emphasis on tasting and discussion.

Wine glasses, carafes of water and spittoons are provided.

Those members on the list will receive an invitation for each event and the first 18 to respond will get the places.

At present the group is full but there is a waiting list for members interested in joining.