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  • Group Status: Spaces may be available
  • Venue: Various places
  • Day and Time: Weekday mornings
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morning movers groupThis group, which started at the end of January 2020, caters for Brisk and Slower Walkers and we have never stopped our early morning walks during lockdown.  Of course at the beginning of lockdown we were going out singly and then, when restrictions eased, more could go out as a group. All the members are on WhatsApp and we communicate quickly that way.

The slower walkers go out generally on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays either at 8.00am or 8.30am and walk at least an hour.

Brisk walkers try to get out every day from Monday to Friday for an hour and when the clocks change go out usually about 7.00am or 7.30am and when the clocks change back it is 7.45am.morning movers