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  • Group Status: Spaces may be available
  • Venue: Online
  • Day and Time: Tuesday 2.00pm - 4.00pm
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brainwaves crosswords online

There are cryptic crossword groups for both beginners and aficionados.

Those of you for whom cryptic crosswords are a complete mystery can come along for enlightenment to the beginners course - a 6 week course to teach absolute beginners all the tricks of the cryptic crossword trade, followed by several weeks practising a variety of crosswords available online or in daily newspapers. This course was devised by a member of a U3A group in England, and we've used it very successfully on a number of occasions, the latest being during 2022/23.

Aside from the beginners, we have an enthusiastic group of crossworders - including several who have come through the previous courses - who tackle a more challenging puzzle or two from the daily newspapers, often from the Guardian whose puzzles are available online. People who complete the beginners course often stay on to hone their skills with the more advanced group, while a new set of beginners start a new course.

crossword booksThis group meets weekly at 2.00 pm on Tuesday afternoons using Zoom.

A beginners course may be run subject to demand.