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The membership of North Down & Ards U3A is temporarily closed

The current position is as follows:

NDA U3A closed its doors to new members in December 2017, largely because we could not offer sufficient places in activity groups to people who had asked for them.

A waiting list was set up at the time and presently has the names of over 100 people who would like to become members.

The list remains open to anyone who wishes to Join NDA U3A.  Names can be added by emailing the Membership Secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

An induction meeting for prospective members was held in October 2018, comprising the first 50 or so on the waiting list. 

Subsequent induction meetings will be conducted in due course and those on the waiting list will be notified.  Attendance will be by invitation only.

Please note that application forms for new membership will be available only to those who attend an induction meeting in person.


Renewal of Existing Membership:

Please note that any telephone contact with the Membership Secretary must be via the mobile number on the Renewal Form (see below), as the former landline number is no longer in use.

Annual Subscription

The annual membership subscription, due on 1st April, is £15.00 for a single person or £25.00 for two people living at the same address and must be renewed by 1st May.
Cheques should be crossed and made payable to North Down and Ards U3A.

Gift Aid
If you are a current member who has not previously completed a Gift Aid form and would now like to do so CLICK HERE
Completed forms should be returned with your renewal.

Renewal Form
For a Late Membership Renewal form (2018-19) CLICK HERE
Renewals from 1st August 2018 are subject to a £5.00 surcharge.




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