Committee Members 2016-17


Chair: Michael Richardson
  Deputy Chair: Angela Lloyd

Treasurer: Nigel Stanley
Secretary: Maria McLarnon
Membership Secretary: Joan Sloan
Groups Coordinator: Coralie Hanna
Business Coordinator: Adam Harbinson

Events Coordinator: Ann Bagnall
Education & Special Projects: Jill McAteer
Speaker Bookings: Libby Adams
Publications Coordinator: Peter Gay
  Equipment Coordinator: Chris McCann


Magazine Production Team
Peter Croft, Dorothy Kernohan

Directory Production Team
Coralie Hanna, John Hanna, Dorothy Kernohan

Rents & Hall Bookings: Avril Boyce

Webmaster: John Hanna

The duties and responsibilities of each of the roles within the Executive Committee can be viewed as follows:
CLICK HERE for the roles of Chair and Vice Chair
CLICK HERE for the roles of Business Secretary, Minutes Secretary, Membership Secterary and Treasurer
CLICK HERE for all other roles

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